About Laura Burkett Designs
While living in Italy for three years, I became fascinated by Italian design and particularly the leather industry. I kept thinking, "Why aren't there more options for business people to carry their stuff to work in a way that makes their lives more convenient and shows they have a sense of style?" There were some options out there, but none really addressed the issue of needing to carry a laptop along with the desire to look great. So I took my idea to a cobbler in Perugia and we worked together for nearly a year to arrive at what I now call "Zaino" - Italian for "backpack."  I could write a book on all that transpired during that year - the triumphs and setbacks, misunderstandings, laughter, and best of all - a mutual respect for sublime craftsmanship and a passion for well-made leather objects. Sergio was a magician with rough hands and a heart of gold, and as his informal apprentice, I learned enough to know that his trade is one that should never die - and one that can never be  automated for mass production. I carried this passion with me back to the U.S., maintained my links to Italy and developed the other designs you see here. My dream was and is to take the inspiration I found in Italy and use it to create new, contemporary designs that address the contemporary professional's daily challenges - and work with craftsmen (and women) right here in the U.S.A. to bring these concepts to life.  Here's more on the creation of Zaino.

Italy is more than a place; it's an experience that creates stories one carries for a lifetime. If you've been there and have some stories of your own to share, I'd love to hear them. Drop me a line at burkettdesigns@gmail.com.

Ciao for now,