Italy is known – among other things - for its rich vegetable-tanned (also referred to as "veg tan") leather whose character only improves with time and use. The processes through which the hides are tanned result in a final product with somewhat structured body that softens over time and effortlessly adapts to the human form. In my last trip to Italy, I came across a small quantity and decided to produce a small run of Mercurio and Ampio with a slightly different hand feel and stitching detail than their flagship counterparts.

Click here to see a video on how the Ampio Backpack came to life in a tiny town outside of Florence, Italy.


Limited Edition Mercurio Messenger

With all the same features as the classic Mercurio, this Limited Edition version is slightly boxier and more structured than its twin brother. This is due to the veg tan leather. It's luxurious hand-feel only improves with use over time as the leather absorbs the natural oil from your hands and occasional cleaning or conditioning products. Available for a limited time in Saddle and Tobacco. Click here for more info on features.

Available in Saddle and Tobacco

Dimensions: 15.5”W x 11.5”H x 3”D. $850.

To purchase the Limited Edition Mercurio, click here.

Contrast in both stitching color and edge treatments give the bag a sporty feel without sacrificing sophistication.




limited edition Ampio Backpack

Also made from Italian vegetable tanned leather, this Ampio variation is highly versatile and exceptionally comfortable with its ergonomic shoulder attachment and adjustable straps. Vegetable tanned (or "veg tan") leather gets softer and richer over time, so the color and hand feel of this backpack will continue to evolve over time. Click here for more info on classic Ampio.

Color: Tobacco

Dimensions: 9.75"W(top) x 12.5"H x 3"D. $630.

Click here to see how Ampio came to life in a tiny town outside of Florence, Italy.

To purchase the Limited Edition Ampio, click here.



Ampio's back is as handsome as the front and just as comfortable, with its ergonomic shoulder attachment and streamlined construction.


Handstitched strap loops and bridlery-inspired sizing pegs elevate the leather’s character while minimizing visible hardware.